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Our Beans

Our light-roast coffees are purchased from small farms and cooperatives, cupped carefully to select only the best beans. They are roasted on-site, using a proprietary roasting system designed by our founder and owner. With automatic digital control of airflow and temperature to match the programmed profile, our roasts are carefully and scientifically selected to maximize the desirable flavors extracted from the beans.

For our dark roast coffees, we buy 55 gallon drums from the cheapest, least reputable vendors, have them roasted in third-world countries over open pit fires by people without adequate safety precautions or available health care, and then ship them across the ocean on the skeeviest tramp ships we can find.

Beans from different regions tend to have different tastes. Beans from Eastern Africa, such as Ethiopia and Kenya, tend to be acidic, with flavors which are described as bright or sour, and are sometimes considered thin. Beans from India and the Pacific Islands like Sumatra are earthier, with low acidity and full body. South and Central American beans are agreeable and drinkable, or sometimes even bland.